Dongguan Chouqin Packaging Co., Ltd is a manufacturer offering one-stop service including R&D, manufacture and sales, covering packaging for food, liquid daily use chemical market, medical market, industrial market, etc.

Dongguan Chouqin Packaging Co., Ltd located in a industrial center with a total area of 16000 sq. meters. In order to assure the health and safety of the products, we build dust-free workshop with total area of 9000 sq. meters. We have 160 employees. Our annual production capacity can reach to RMB300million.

We are specialized in manufacture of flexible packaging for food and non-food industries and trade, such as pet food bags, Spout pouch for liquid, coffee bag, nuts pouch, vacuum food packaging and breast milk storage bags, daily chemical packaging bag, etc.
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Fancy food show
The first exhibition was held in 1955 and has a history of more than 60 years. It is a product of the American characteristic food industry The most extensive and leading exhibition, displaying all kinds of unique food, food and beverage in the world
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IFA show
International Funkausstellung Berlin, abbreviated as IFA. It is one of the largest electronic products expositions in Germany, originated in 1924
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